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Gym West Coast

West Coast, USA

This project was made for a luxury gym brand spreading very fast in the United States. One of it's latest projects, which I was part of, consisted to fit the high standards gym in a new high-rise building situated in Seattle, Washington. The challenge in this project was to fit a gym into a low ceiling and existing walls restrictions, a lot of back and forth with the HVAC teams were necessary. This project made us deal with a very tight space in which to design and make it as simple as possible.

Design Credits: Montabla Architects

Another big design impact was the view people would have from the street. It was critical to leave the visible spaces next to windows 'selling the product', making it look great.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                We also projected an infinity mirror corridor on the gym floor. The challenge was to be able to change the lamps giving the infinity effect on the ceiling. The final idea brought us to make the glass slide and fit into the ceiling of the other rooms.  

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