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Los Angeles, USA

Built in 1989, the existing building is now left with not much but a sad looking facade. The client came to us with an idea of rebranding the whole exterior building, making it a place to be. After a lot of juggling and design meetings, we had the client agree on a new facade and a new ground floor area, introducing many public seatings, green spaces, features and confortable walking areas. A new back space, initially inaccessible, would now become a connection place. 

Design Credits: Montabla Architects

The main design move is a wood ceiling following the existing path, giving it a clean, confortable look and walking space. The path of this feature element will follow the new shops, restaurants, cafes and gym predicted along the new facade. The second big move is to create a new opening giving access to the back yard which is currently separate to the rest of building.

A rooftop will be created on the existing 3rd floor roof. Its design is made to fit a public area and a private one.

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